World Class Pacific Rim National Park

West Coast Trail BC

Pacific Rim National Park

West Coast Trail BC

West Coast Trail, BC

Vancouver Island is blessed with an almost embarrassing wealth of natural beauties, making it a prime year round destination for visitors from around the world. But one of the true jewels in the Island’s tourism crown is the pristine splendor of the world-famous Pacific Rim National Park. Located on the west coast of the Island the park covers some 511 square kilometers and is divided into three distinct sections. Consisting of the West Coast Trail, the Broken Group Islands and Long Beach each of these sections offer the opportunity to experience first-hand some unique aspect of Vancouver Island’s rugged terrain.

The Park was inaugurated in 1971 and since then has drawn everyone from surfers to sea kayakers, and from campers to backpackers – depending on the section of the park being explored. Van Ventures in Nanaimo, with its selection of camperized mini vans, could be the perfect first stop if you’re thinking about exploring this spectacular region of Vancouver Island.