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Van Ventures Rentals Ltd. offers camper vans for rent in BC and camper vans for rent on Vancouver Island.Van Ventures Ltd. is also the official agent of the 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Illusion camper van for sale.

Whether you are someone who is looking to rent a camper van or want to buy your own Illusion camper van, we want to help you.

We have a number of cheap camper vans for rent in BC, please click on Camper Vans link here to see a description.

Van Ventures also provides exclusive remote surf and wilderness adventures on Northern Vancouver Island. We offer a charter service for you and your group to go on an adventure of a lifetime. We will transport your group from either Nanaimo or Vancouver and get you to Northern Vancouver Island to some of the most secluded and remote surf and wilderness locations on the planet. Van Ventures will arrange all of your logistics, food, adventure gear, and guide you to some truly remote locations.

Our trips include wild and remote Northern Vancouver Island surf locations, most amazing fishing spots, canoe down old growth groves, hiking in alpine meadows, trail riding, and we will get you there via our vans, 4×4, boats (power and non power), and by helicopter. Our trips range from 3-5 day expeditions on Northern Vancouver Island. We will take a minimum group of 3 or more to places not many people have ever visited. Each trip is custom to your adventure needs.

Our guides are local to Vancouver Island and Northern Vancouver Island. We know adventure locations not many people are aware of.

Van Ventures Camper Van Rentals Vancouver Island

Van Ventures Camper Van Rentals in Vancouver Island

Camper Rides

We offer a range of camper vans, which are outfitted with all the camping essentials.

You might be interested to also know that along with each camper ride, we provide basic camping essentials so that you can camp and explore the rich scenery of Vancouver Island.

Your safety and security are our priority concern, of course. With that, all of our rental vans are inspected by professional mechanics so you can be assured that you will be renting only the safest and most reliable vans available.

Also, each camper ride is uniquely equipped and is customized to your needs. Passenger capacity, sleeping arrangements and features of each camper ride are all suited to your needs!

To give you a view of the models and features of our dependable vehicles, just click on camper rides.

Adventure Gear

We also supply the much needed adventure gear to spice up your time on Vancouver Island. You can get the appropriate adventure gear during these activities: surfboarding, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, snowboarding and camping, among others.

This way, you don’t need to shell out huge amounts of cash to buy the gear that you need. You can also save time and effort because you don’t need to go to different stores to purchase – VanVentures is a one-stop shop designed exclusively for customers like you!

For you to get the availability information, just click on adventure gear and camping supplies. If ever what you are seeking is not listed, don’t fret. You can usually just ask us via +250-591-4449 so that we can find a way to accommodate you up to the best of our abilities.

VanVentures Blog

If you want to have an adventure at the comforts of your home, then, you don’t need to look very far – our blog articles can give you the exciting push to take the leap! Just browse through our blog articles and photos to give you the thrilling tales of adventure on Vancouver Island.

For you to be updated, we also post special events, news, trip ideas and past & current adventures that you can experience on Vancouver Island and its vicinity.

Vancouver Island & Area Exclusive Remote Adventure Packages

For customers who want the best adventure experience on Vancouver Island, owner, operators and remote Vancouver Island adventure specialists Chris Cathers & Angus Brown will provide you and your group with pre-packaged custom adventure packages.

With these adventure packages, you can indulge in experiencing multi-day extreme remote camping, snorkelling, surfing, hiking, fishing, boating, and wild beach and mountain explorations on Vancouver Island and area.

Surfing in Cox Bay

Van Ventures Camper Van Rentals Vancouver Island

It’s your adventure so you are given the option to select adventures based upon your adventure skill levels, experience, and also your travel budgets.

You will get convenient and hassle-free services as we also arrange the full transportation and travel points:

You can get to and from your point of departure to remote destinations
You can avail of our adventure gear and necessary equipment
You can check-in hospitable accommodations
You can experience the Wild West coast culinary delight that is sure to amaze you and give you the most memorable trip of a lifetime!
Yes, for you to proceed, you just need to click on Vancouver Island Adventures for more information.

Booking & Contact

You can either email or call us or use our online booking system on the homepage.

Once you’ve contacted us to reserve your camper van for rent, adventure gear, or adventure tour, you will be notified. You can expect a prompt reply regarding confirmation of dates and availability as soon as possible.

If you prefer to get the remote adventures package, you are given a skills survey for your completion. This is to ensure that you will get the package best suited for your skills and safety.

For you to get more information on camping packages and needed equipment, please check the availability by clicking on booking and contact.

So go on, relax and get ready to take the plunge.

After all, you deserve to, don’t you?