Experience Vancouver Island’s Roads with a Campervan

Highway which runs the full length of the Island, from Victoria (the BC provincial capital) in the south to the Municipality of Port Hardy at its northernmost tip. Beginning in Victoria as Highway 1, (the western end of the Trans-Canada Highway) the road heads north, transforming into Provincial Highway 19. This primary route extends northward […]


Tofino: Community with a Near Mythic Reputation

Vancouver Island’s spectacular West Coast has been a Mecca for visitors from across the globe for decades. From the untouched splendor of the Broken Islands Group, to the expanse of sand and crashing surf that is Long Beach, to the rustic calm of the community of Ucluelet – the region is blessed almost beyond measure […]


Part Two: Wilderness Hiking On Vancouver Island

Picking up where we left off in our previous blog post, we will continue our admittedly brief look at some of the most popular hiking trails found on Vancouver Island. Strathcona Park Trails: Located north of the City of Campbell River, Strathcona Provincial Park offers hiking opportunities to fill a library of adventure books – […]


Part One: Wilderness Hiking On Vancouver Island

From north to south, from east to west, Vancouver Island is crisscrossed with trail systems that challenge the skilled, entertain the novice, and thrill all nature lovers, regardless of expertise. As an introduction to the world of wilderness hiking on Vancouver Island here is an abridged snapshot of just some of the Island’s better known […]


Nature Has Blessed Vancouver Island

To say that Nature has blessed Vancouver Island is much more than an understatement. Diverse, beautiful and easily accessible, Vancouver Island quite literally has it all when it comes to appreciating Nature. Travel & Leisure Magazine recently named Vancouver Island as one of the world’s top ten islands in its 2014 World’s Best Awards, and […]


Part Two: Nanaimo’s Hidden Treasures

Continuing from an earlier blog post, we’ll continue our overview of some of the sights not to be missed when visiting Nanaimo. Nanaimo Museum: If participating in hair raising physical challenges aren’t your thing, but delving into local history is, the Nanaimo Museum is a destination you simply can’t miss. Housed in beautiful quarters in […]


Part One: Nanaimo’s Hidden Treasures

wildplay nanaimo

The second largest city on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo’s history goes back to the middle of the 19th Century when coal miners hacked their livelihoods out of the hard bones of the region. The city that Nanaimo has evolved into, one with an economy driven by education, health care and high technology would be virtually unrecognizable […]


Vancouver Island History Didn’t Start With The Europeans

Hupacasath First Nations

  Vancouver Island is the largest island on the West Coast of both North and South America and geologically forms part of a partially submerged chain of the Western Cordillera. It is considered a geologic continuation of the US coastal mountain chain. Discovered by Europeans (first the Spanish and later the English) in the late […]


Vancouver Island: Open for Year-Round Adventures

winter surfing vancouver island

One of the many real advantages of the Vancouver Island lifestyle is the inescapable fact the region’s relatively benign climate means travel and tourism is a year-round endeavor. While other portions of the country are primarily summer-only visitor destinations, Vancouver Island can be explored and enjoyed throughout the year. What better way is there to […]